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As a candidate for the Resident Commissioner seat, Melín needs to present 8,000 endorsements* before February 15, with an early requirement of  4,000 endorsements by January 31.

*Only Registered Active Voters in Puerto Rico can endorse. However, this could be a helpful tool to inform you and your community of the process to endorse Melín digitally. 

The steps to submit your endorsement digitally are:


Send your contact information


Submit the
  • Create an account on SIEN
    with the same email shared with me

  • *If you do not have your voter details, visit the resource Sistema eRE to find your  updated registration 

  • Accept via email the invitation to serve as an authorized official

  • Submit your endorsement on the SIEN platform through your account

                                                                                          Key Links
Sistema eRE: 


From your SIEN account you can file the endorsement of other voters.  Only with your participation can I reach the requirement of 4,000 endorsements before January 31 so that Puerto Rico has alternatives with the potential for change this November. 

If you have any doubts or questions, contact me at

become a volunteer o visit me throughout the island

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